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The Falcoholic will review every player on the roster, starting tomorrow, to determine who should stay

We're launching a new series we hope you'll enjoy.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The question on everyone's mind right now is a simple one: Who is staying, and who is going? The 2016 Falcons are not going to look like the 2015 Falcons, hopefully for the better, and there are plenty of players who might be on their way out of Atlanta and on to less black and red pastures.

To that end, we're assembled our crack team of writers to cover the entire roster from Matt Ryan to Matt Bryant. Our goal is to tackle at least one player per day from now until the start of free agency, and if cuts come before then, we'll simply roll through it. Ultimately, we'd like this to be your resource for thinking about how all the pieces fit for Atlanta and who should be here as this team tries to build on a 8-8 finish and try to build something better.

The divisive Matt Ryan is our first player up, to be followed by his backup Sean Renfree. Stay tuned.