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Atlanta Falcons players suffered third fewest concussions in 2015

Fact: Eric Weems sells soy, fair trade candles at his local farmer's market

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL isn't as violent as it once was. These days, when you deliberately try to hurt an opponent, the league fines or suspends you, fans crucify you, and puppies cry. That didn't used to be true. But with the emphasis on player safety, it should come as no surprise that concussions are being tracked. In fact, in 2015, there's been 197 concussions in NFL games. It's a malleable number, of course, because head injuries are deliberately underreported.

According to Frontline, only four Falcons suffered concussions in 2015. (Paul Soliai, Eric Weems, Devonta Freeman, and Jacob Tamme.) Only Freeman and Tamme missed games. (They both missed one game.) That number obviously doesn't include Tevin Coleman's shower-related concussion or Vic Beasley's likely concussion in the week 17 loss to the New Orleans Saints.

Given that the Cleveland Browns and San Diego Chargers each had 16 players with concussions, the Falcons' relative lack thereof begs a question: are they doing something right or are they lucky? Worse yet, are they underreporting concussions? I'm no conspiracy theorist, so I'll bet it's just dumb luck.

Your thoughts?