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Lots of NFL players are charitable, but Jonathan Babineaux's altruism is off the charts

Fact: Jonathan Babineaux is a competitive yak herder

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

College scouting is a difficult task every NFL team has to undertake. It's hit or miss. There's the guys you avoid because of "character" issues. (That is, unless they're particularly good at football.) Then there are the guys who seem destined for success, only to flop at the next level.

When Jonathan Babineaux was an NFL prospect a decade ago, scouts said he was undersized and injury-prone. Fast forward to present day, he's been a reliable, above-average contributor since the Atlanta Falcons drafted him with the 59th overall pick in the 2005 NFL Draft. On the field, the Falcons got what they bargained for and more. If we're honest, Babineaux had some minor personal issues during the first half of his career. But since 2009, he's been a law-abiding, model citizen. Per The Mothership's Andrew Hirsh, he will soon complete a particularly important goal he set for himself.

On Sunday, Babineaux will reach his personal goal of donating to 95 charities and nonprofits. World Relief Atlanta and Cure Childhood Cancer will be his guests versus the Saints, and by assisting them, the longest-tenured Falcon will have impacted the same number of organizations as the number on his jersey.

This is truly remarkable. Babs is wealthy, far wealthier than most of us, but he's not Warren Buffet wealthy. Yet he's making sizable donations to 95 different charities? Are you kidding me? In a status quo where the NFL brings to mind wife beating and frivolous spending, Babs stands apart. That means something.