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Your final fantasy guide for 2015: Falcons vs. Saints starters and benchwarmers

The last game and the last fantasy week of the season is here, and we have some tips.

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This is your final fantasy football guide. Your guide to Final Fantasy can be found on Polygon, of course.

The Falcons haven't been involved in a ton of shootouts in the second half of this season, and while the Saints bring a high-powered offense to bear and the Falcons are at home, I expect that to continue to an extent. Both teams should be good for 20-plus points and some quality yardage, but I'll be surprised if this one gets ridiculous.

That said, if your fantasy championship is (weirdly) in Week 17, there's still quality options here. Let's dive in.


QB Matt Ryan

He's still not putting together huge fantasy performances, but he's got a prime matchup against a weak Saints defense, and if he feeds Julio Jones the way I think he will, he's virtually a lock for 300 yards, and a couple of touchdowns seem likely.

QB Drew Brees

Of course, if you have Brees, start him first. He's still putting together phenomenal fantasy and real life performances injured and playing for a rudderless team.

WR Julio Jones

The #1 play this week, in my opinion. The Saints don't figure to be able to stop him, he's chasing a record, and he's simply too good to be contained all day long.

WR Brandin Cooks

The shifty receiver figures to move around the formation a bit, and if he does, he'll get some favorable matchups against the likes of Jalen Collins and Phillip Adams. He should be good for 80 yards, at least.

RB Devonta Freeman

The Saints' run defense is a little better than their passing defense, but Freeman should be able to get rolling.

TE Benjamin Watson

He won't duplicate his success against the Falcons, but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if Watson came up with 50 yards and a touchdown, which makes him a sneaky good waiver wire addition in this last week.


RB Tim Hightower

To put it politely, I do not trust Tim Hightower.

All Non-Julio and Cooks Receivers

Roddy and Justin Hardy are good bets to put together decent days, and of course the Saints typically have someone who comes out of nowhere to put up 70-plus yards. You're in your championship game, though, which means you shouldn't be gambling.

Both Defenses

It's a Falcons-Saints game, which means it's entirely possible these two teams grind out a 17-14 game or get rolling and wind up at something like 45-42. Don't be the poor sucker who gambles on these defenses and gets burned.