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Falcons release first official depth chart of the 2015 season, announce Mike Person and Tevin Coleman as starters

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

We took a stab at the Falcons' offensive depth chart this morning, and now we get to stack it up against the real thing.

What are the surprises and/or notable observations here, you're likely wondering? Here's a quick hit list:

  • Mike Person as the starting center. I speculated that Person might be in line for a starting guard job when the team signed him, but I certainly didn't anticipate that he'd be the starting center. Person has been a perfectly unobjectionable blocker at center in preseason, but has struggled with his snapping, which is more than a little terrifying.
  • Roddy White is listed as the starter. It's not a surprise, per se, but I had thought injury and Leonard Hankerson's fine play might have given the coaching staff some pause.
  • Tevin Coleman being listed as the starter. It's only sensible, given that Coleman played and impressed in Week 4, and Devonta Freeman hasn't gotten on the field and may not be 100%.
  • O'Brien Schofield is listed as the starter at OLB ahead of Brooks Reed, who is injured, and Kroy Biermann is listed as a third-team defensive end. I fully expect Biermann to get some snaps at linebacker and I definitely don't think Schofield is going to be a full-time player, so take that one with a grain of salt.

Overall, this is about the best case scenario for this configuration of the roster, even if I'd prefer Stone at center over Person. Let's see how the team fares against the Eagles next Monday night before we deliver our hottest takes.

Obviously a straight up depth chart projection for the defense would be useless, so instead I'll go with my anticipated pecking order to make that one worth your while tomorrow morning.

What do you think of this depth chart?