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Falcons Uniform History: #99 brings us to the end of the series

Tim Green wraps it up for us.

Allen Steele/Getty Images

Somehow, we've reached #99, and that means our Falcons uniform history concludes today. It's been a long, occasionally depressing road.

Mr. #99 is none other than Tim Green, a defensive end/linebacker hybrid who played both positions over eight seasons in Atlanta, finishing his 71 starters with 24 sacks, a safety, and nine fumble recoveries. He was one of those talented-but-not-great types that litter Atlanta's franchise history, but I'd say he's more anonymous than most because A) he played most of his career during the 80's and early 90's and B) Tim Green is a pretty anonymous name. Nonetheless, he's the best player to ever wear #99, and he has no legitimate competition.

The illegitimate competition? Vance Walker, who put up a couple of nice years a reserve defensive tackle in Atlanta, and now Tyson Jackson, who has no chance to put any heat on Green but may wind up salvaging his Falcons career as a defensive end under Dan Quinn.

That's a wrap on a series we started months ago, and I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. We'll use the Falcons uniform history to build an all-time Falcons starting lineup tomorrow, so check back for that.