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League cuts that the Atlanta Falcons should consider

You know who the Falcons should sign? Every player cut from every team.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

We might not go quite that far in-depth, but the Atlanta Falcons could use a few more healthy bodies to improve their depth, and maybe even their potential starters.

Donald Thomas, a guard cut by the Indianapolis Colts. He has dealt with injuries the last few seasons and will likely be stuck in a backup role this season. What a coincidence, the Falcons have almost no depth at guard. Assuming his health checks out, the Falcons could use some depth with starting experience.

David Yankey, a guard/tackle cut by the Minnesota Vikings. He struggled after a position move and was cut just one year after being the team's fifth round selection. He may be a bit big for Shanahan's blocking scheme, but the Falcons may be struggling to fill a spot with only five interior offensive linemen on the roster.

Monte Ball, a running back cut by the Denver Broncos. Wow, how often does a guy go from a top 10 fantasy football option to unemployed? Ball would be a questionable fit in Atlanta's new offensive scheme, but is well-rounded and provides more upside than Terron Ward.

Matt Cassel, a quarterback cut by the Buffalo Bills. If we are comparing Rex Grossman and Matt Cassel, I would give Cassel a clear edge as a quality veteran backup.

Red Bryant, a defensive tackle cut by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Bryant gets tossed into the mix if only due to his history with Dan Quinn, and the fact that the Falcons only have three players on the roster listed as defensive tackles. Bryant looks to be out of juice, but could be a nice pickup if his snaps were heavily limited.

Jameel McClain, a linebacker cut by the New York Giants. McClain has played for both the Giants and Baltimore Ravens, and could provide some help with the Brooks Reed injury.

Who else are we missing? The team could easily add another tight end and an offensive lineman.