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Falcons vs. Ravens 2015: snap counts for the 4th and final preseason game

Fact: Matt Ryan likes his eggs scrambled with cheese

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The Atlanta Falcons narrowly won their fourth preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens. It was a game that helped shape the current roster, which was set earlier today. Here are the snap counts for offense, defense, and special teams, with a few of my inspiring, well-written thoughts thrown in as an added bonus.


Justin Hardy: 63

Jake Rodgers: 57

Pierce Burton: 57

Jared Smith: 56

Levine Toilolo: 53

Eric Lefeld: 50

Terron Ward: 49

Nick Williams: 46

Carlton Mitchell: 46

Sean Renfree: 38

Rex Grossman: 28

James Stone: 25

Adam Replogle: 25

D.J. Tialavea: 21

Joe Hawley: 17

Mike Person: 11

Ryan Schraeder: 10

Tevnin Coleman: 10

Colin Mooney: 9

Eric Weems: 9

Leonard Hankerson: 9

Jerome Smith: 8

Joseph Mbu: 7

Jacob Tamme: 6

Patrick DiMarco: 5

Julio Jones: 1

Tyler Polumbus: 1

Matt Ryan: 1

Chris Chester: 1

The starters either played sparingly or barely at all. Rodgers and Burton got an extended look, but alas, it wasn't enough to keep them from getting cut. Ward and Williams, however, continued to impress, making the most of their opportunities. Both men ultimately landed on the current, 52 man roster.


Allen Bradford: 49

Sean Baker: 41

Cliff Matthews: 41

Derek Akunne: 40

Malliciah Goodman: 39

Kevin White: 39

Tyler Starr: 38

Stansley Maponga: 38

Grady Jarrett: 36

Charles Godfrey: 29

Dezmen Southward: 24

Nate Stupar: 23

Akeem King: 23

Jalen Collins: 20

Ricardo Allen: 18

William Moore: 18

Phillip Adams: 17

Kroy Biermann: 16

Kemal Ishmael: 12

Travis Howard: 10

Robert Alford: 6

Vic Beasley: 6

Paul Worrilow: 6

Tyson Jackson: 5

Paul Soliai: 5

Terrell Manning: 4

Adrian Clayborn: 1

Jonathan Babineaux: 1

O'Brien Schofield: 1

Same basic concept, with the starters resting and everyone else playing for a roster spot. Southward and White saw extended time, fighting it out for that fifth cornerback spot. While Southward ultimately prevailed, White will make an excellent addition to the practice squad, assuming he isn't claimed going through waivers.

Special Teams

Tyler Starr: 17

Matt Bosher: P 16

Jalen Collins: 15

Jerome Smith: 14

Dezmen Southward: 13

Charles Godfrey: 13

Malliciah Goodman: 13

Levine Toilolo: 13

D.J. Tialavea: 13

Terrell Manning: 12

Nick Williams: 12

Josh Harris: 11

Colin Mooney: 11

Sean Baker: 11

Allen Bradford: 10

Terron Ward: 10

Kevin White: 10

Cliff Matthews: 9

Patrick DiMarco: 8

Nate Stupar: 8

Travis Howard: 7

Justin Hardy: 7

Akeem King: 7

Eric Weems: 6

Phillip Adams: 6

Carlton Mitchell: 5

Jake Rodgers: 5

Eric Lefeld: 5

Kemal Ishmael: 5

Pierce Burton: 5

Jerome Smith: 5

James Stone: 5

Ricardo Allen: 5

Matt Bryant: 5

Stansley Maponga: 5

Grady Jarrett: 4

Derek Akunne: 3

Robert Alford: 3

Vic Beasley: 2

Kroy Biermann: 2

William Moore: 2

Joseph Mbu: 1

Tyler Starr's special teams prowess apparently wasn't enough to keep him from being cut. That's a sobering reminder of the limited utility of special teams aces. To be frank, teams can only afford to keep a handful of those guys around.

With the regular season now in sight, these snap counts are no real indication of what's to come. But given the roster cuts today and yesterday, this gives us an interesting glimpse at the final audition many of these guys had.

Your thoughts?