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Falcons vs. Ravens: Taking a look at Pro Football Focus scores

The scores are in for the final preseason game.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Though some key starters were absent from the game against the Ravens, the Pro Football Focus scores from this game may matter more than any other this preseason. As guys like Julio and Matt having nothing to prove, their PFF scores are largely irrelevant. However, for the guys on the fringe of making the roster, these scores could be an indication of their chance of making the roster, the practice squad or getting cut.


Sadly, the positive scores for the offense are few and far between. The only player that netted a green (above average) score was fullback Collin Mooney who registered a +1.3 for the game. Other offensive players who had good scores were RT Ryan Schraeder (+0.7), WR Carlton Mitchell (+0.8) and TE Jacob Tamme (+0.5).

The negative scores for the offense were plentiful in the fourth preseason game, led by the worst score of the night: -6.9 from left guard Jared Smith. Left tackle Pierce Burton, who had been playing well, registered a -5.7. Some other notable scores: RG Eric Lefeld (-4.4), RB Terron Ward (-2.3), QB Sean Renfree (-2.1), LT Tyler Polumbus (-2.3).


The defense did manage to put up far more positive scores on the night, which did seem to be in-line with how the game went. The best performer on the night was DT Grady Jarrett, who pulled in a great +2.5 score. CB Kevin White also played well and finished with a +1.2. Other notable scores: LB Derek Akunne (+1.1), CB Travis Howard (+0.7), CB Dezmen Southward (+0.5), DE Tyler Starr (+0.5).

On the negative side, a few players notched some scores in the deep red. DT Joey Mbu had the worst night with a -4.5. Recently cut DT Cliff Matthews had a rough -2.7. Some other notable scores: DE Malliciah Goodman (-1.9), CB Jalen Collins (-1.7), LB Kroy Biermann (-1.3), LB Nate Stupar (-0.6).

Special Teams

For many of these players, the scores here could be the deciding factor for whether or not they make the team. Justin Hardy had a strong +1.2 score on the night. Some other positive scores: TE D.J. Tialavea (+2.5), Matt Bosher (+.6), Matt Bryant (+14,875,313,011.1).

On the down side, Sean Baker had the worst night by pulling in a -1.5. Some other notable negative scores: LB Allen Bradford (-0.5), CB Jalen Collins (-0.5), FB Patrick DiMarco (-0.5) and FS Charles Godfrey (-0.5).

What do you think of these scores, and how it impacts roster cuts?