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Falcons Uniform History #96: So much sadness

I'm angry that I even had to write this one up.

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

As we get to the final few numbers in Falcons uniform history, I've been tasked with covering a number that elicits no fond memories - no real stories of yore. This number, at present, just elicits sadness. So. Much. Sadness. My apologies to Reggie Camp and Todd Kelly, but no one even remembers who you are. I'd bet your parents forgot you even put on an NFL jersey at one point. For Chris White and Anthony Pleasant, the same goes to you. So, when you're exaggerating tales of "that play" you made in the NFL to your kids, I WILL KNOW that you were insignificant while wearing 96 for the Falcons. Share your lies elsewhere. As for the "memorable" guys who wore it (nightmares can be memories too):

Jonathan Massaquoi

Between 2012 and 2014, this 5th round pick by the Falcons intrigued fans with his potential. That came to a peak in 2014 when the Falcons pass rush was so bad fans were begging for retired great Claude Humphrey to come back and play for just a game or two. Massaqoui flashed potential, but was apparently a massive bone head who didn't know how to rehab properly. He was released after 2014 after disappointing the front office and the fans.

Montavious Stanley

Do you remember the glorious 2007 season? Yeah, I've tried to forget it too. It was during that year that Stanley - a Nose Tackle out of Louisville - played for the Falcons. He started 6 games and registered 25 tackles which qualifies him for a short paragraph about his time with the team. Fin.

Paul Soliai

If you're thinking to yourself "DW, Soliai has only been with the team for a year - is he really the best?" then I have your answer it is a sad YES. He is the best that has ever worn the #96. Granted, he will further cement that earned right by playing more this year and by generally not being a complete disaster. To his credit, Soliai was a fairly decent player in Miami for several years before joining the Falcons and one would be forgiven for giving him a second chance after the Nolan experiment went horribly wrong. But, a one year nose tackle is the best that's ever worn this number. The. Best. That's just sad.

So, what are your thoughts on this factory of sadness above?