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Fantasy football: Falcons to own and avoid in Week 1 vs. the Eagles

Let's look ahead and try to determine who will be worth owning for the Monday Night Football showcase against Philadelphia.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

We've got plenty of roster cuts and practice squad possibilities to think about right now, but that doesn't mean we can't start looking ahead to Falcons vs. Eagles on Monday Night Football. If you're a fantasy footballer, you're wondering which Falcons you can play, and we've got you covered here.

The key is to remember that the Eagles have a stellar offense and uncertain defensive fortunes, with some nice players, an aggressive play style but a susceptibility to deep passes and quality rushing offenses. The Falcons can provide the former, while the jury's still out on the latter.


  • Matt Ryan. He's got a plethora of decent-to-great weapons available, and the Eagles pass defense isn't stellar, even if their pass rush and ability to create turnovers is a little scary. Start Ryan with confidence as a QB1, even with that offensive line.
  • Julio Jones. I mean, duh.
  • Leonard Hankerson. The other guy to own here. Roddy may still be a little limited returning from surgery, I'm not sure what to make of Jacob Tamme's fantasy prospects, and the Falcons figure to be throwing. I'd expect 7-plus targets, which gives him an opportunity to have a nice day.
  • Tevin Coleman. We're still not sure who is going to start, but I like Coleman's chances of ripping off a big play or two better. Don't make a decision here this far in advance unless you have to, but that's my advice.


  • Rex Grossman. Ha!
  • Devonta Freeman. I like Freeman over the course of the season, but he wasn't back in game action yesterday, Coleman has more big play potential, and this is a muddled backfield. If you're choosing between the two for this week (you homer), I'd avoid Freeman.
  • Roddy White. For the reasons mentioned above. We're not sure he'll be 100% healthy, and even if he is, I'm not sure how he'll fare in the first week. Better to wait and see.
  • Jacob Tamme. He was a non-factor all preseason long in the passing game, and while you can only read so much into that,
  • Falcons Defense. This is a Chip Kelly offense with Jordan Matthews, Nelson Agholor, DeMarco Murray, and Ryan Mathews. You shouldn't even be considering this possibility.

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