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Falcons-Ravens Live Commentary On Rabble.TV

Caleb Rutherford and The DW do a warm up commentary run before we hit the regular season!

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Falcons fans, it's time for the dream to begin! DW and I will do live commentary play-by-play/color style for each of the team's regular season games and this final preseason game.

To listen in, click this juicy red text and we will go live somewhere around 10-15 minutes before the game starts. The game starts at 7.

While the in-game commentary will largely be serious, we'll engage in fan questions and comments throughout the game and during "Commercial breaks", since currently we have no commercials. Be sure to make an account there to post in the chat, HOWEVER I'll be keeping an eye on the blog as well!

I imagine the football will be so bad by the end, I'll probably give up on being serious and just have a good time. DW thinks it'll be horrible, but it'll be quite good.

FAIR WARNING: While the commentary from me will be a good example of what is to come, I have to watch this game via Game Pass because it's not being shown on NFL Network. Note that I'll have every regular season/playoff game on TV, either in my local market or on NFL Sunday Ticket, so fear not if this game does not go as smoothly as I'd hoped. If you have the game on your TV and are listening to us, we might be a play or two behind. We'll still entertain just won't be at normal TV speed.

A caveat to all that is that my internet, while pretty good, is not amazing, so there's also the possibility Game Pass might choke out on me. Again, rest assured this won't be indicative of the whole season, just tonight. There should be no problems going forward regarding the internet, but streaming something in AND pushing something out on my internet might make it sad.

In any case, we're gonna have a lot of fun tonight, and I hope you'll join us!