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The Nate Stupar Mailbag: Ask Nate anything!

It's time to get your questions in for this week's Nate Stupar mailbag.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Falcons linebacker Nathan Stupar is coming off of a great team win on the road against the Dallas Cowboys, and he was certainly a factor on defense, contributing one quarterback hit on Brandon Weeden. The DW and I both yelled, "STUPLYFE" in the middle of Stars and Strikes, but I digress.

Surely you have questions for Nate about the state of the locker room, what the mood around Flowery Branch is like as the team remains undefeated going into week four, how in the world Dan Quinn and the coaching staff turned things around on Sunday, and much more. It's certainly an exciting time to be a Falcons fan, and I'm sure things are exciting for the players as well. The possibilities for questions for Stupar are nearly endless.

Whatever your questions may be, Nate is ready and willing to answer them. Share your questions for Stupar in the comments, and look for the answers on the site soon.