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Falcons 17 Cowboys 28: Atlanta has to play better in the second half

Understatement, perhaps, but the Falcons are playing an ugly game of football here.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons managed a couple of close wins to start the season, but they're not going to run to 3-0 at the rate they're going now.

Down two scores at halftime, Atlanta's defense has been inept, and the offense has been middling thus far. It's shocking to see a defense that was able to at least clamp down throughout large swathes of the Eagles and Giants games getting destroyed by a Brandon Weeden-led offense, but here we are.

It goes without saying that the Falcons must have a better second half, or they're absolutely doomed in this one. Look for a more intense defense that doesn't miss so many $&*@ing tackles, and hopefully a passing game that's significantly sharper. It's the only way the Falcons are going to make up all the ground they need to make up, so our fingers are firmly crossed. At the very least, they did manage a field goal at the end of the half.

Take a brief break to cool down, and join us here for the second half.