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Falcons vs. Cowboys 2015: Our staff predicts the outcome of Week 3's tilt

We think the Falcons are going to beat a depleted Dallas team, even if we're willing to acknowledge the inherent difficulties of doing so.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Caleb Rutherford

Falcons 24, Cowboys 17

I expect the Cowboys to put up a fight here, even though the story of this game will undoubtedly be how battered the Cowboys are right now. I can't see Brandon Weeden beating us, especially with no Bryant and a hobbled Witten. I'm most interested in the Cowboys OL versus our DL. That match up won't be the difference in the game, but it could show just how much progress we've made on defense.

Jake Bennett

Falcons 28, Dallas 13

Atlanta will look to stay undefeated against a Dallas team that is in a full body cast at this point. Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, and multiple other key starters are out indefinitely, and tight end Jason Witten could miss the game as well due to sprained ankles. The Falcons will need to come out strong, as it is still a road game against a talented team, however Dallas simply faces too many injuries for me to think it's an intense battle. I've got Atlanta with a comfortable victory for the first time this season.

The DW

Falcons 14, Cowboys 10

Though the Cowboys are missing Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, this is a team with one of the best offensive lines in football. It will be very difficult for the Falcons to generate pressure on the QB, though that will be evened out somewhat by the fact that Branden Weeden will be playing. The Dallas defense is a very disciplined one with a great LB in Sean Lee. The matchups in the secondary are favorable, but this is a tough team nevertheless. I think this will be more of a defensive battle, with the Falcons just edging one out on the road to go 3-0.

Kendall Jackson

Falcons 31, Cowboys 13

No Dez Bryant, no Tony Romo, and a hobbled Jason Witten? I'm starting the Falcons defense in my fantasy leagues because I fully expect that unit to feast on Brandon Weeden and a largely unimpressive offense. Now granted, Dallas has one the best offensive lines in the league — if not, the best — so I don't expect the sacks to be plentiful. However, Weeden is a turnover machine and with the top wideout being Terrance Williams, things could get ugly rather quickly.

Jason Kirk

Falcons 50, Cowboys 5

The best part of "Dallas" is not Dallas, Cowboy Troy is the most famous rapper actually from from Dallas, and the best quarterback in the entire Metroplex is TCU's re-converted wide receiver.

Dave Choate

Falcons 28, Cowboys 20

The Falcons will probably get off to a fast start in this one, as that's been a hallmark of their early efforts in 2015. I'm expecting them to get a lead, blow it a bit in the second and third quarters, and hang on in the fourth, but with less suspense involved than usual. The Falcons will be limited a little bit on offense without Tevin Coleman, but I think Devonta Freeman will step up, the passing game will hum, and Brandon Weeden will make a couple of Weedenesque mistakes as Atlanta celebrates a 3-0 start.