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Nate Stupar talks Giants win, halftime routines in this week's edition of the mailbag

After getting serious snaps on defense, Nate Stupar talks through his latest week in this edition of The Falcoholic mailbag.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

How do you celebrate after a win?

Nate Stupar: I don't celebrate after a win too much. Mostly we are always traveling back on a road game and I end up watching tv and icing my body down and doing recovery stuff. For a home game, me and my family will go out to eat after and enjoy each other's company. I might sneak in a dessert though.

What's the pulse of the locker room right now? Are guys building confidence and flying high? What are guys saying about being 2-0?

Nate Stupar: We have a good locker room. The guys that are in there are great men and great teammates. We all have the same goal in mind and continue to push and compete everyday. We aren't flying high, it's just the beginning. Like we always preach, it's all about the finish and that starts with each game week by week. We are always finding what we can improve and get better at. There is never a sense of being content.

What's the halftime routine with this coaching staff? Do they talk a lot of X's and O's with the position groups, or is it more just a chance to get a short breather, assess injuries, and get a talk from Coach Quinn to the whole team?

Nate Stupar: Halftime goes super fast! Once you get in there there isn't must time to do much. We go over a couple of adjustments and coach brings us up and we head on back on. It literally seems like you walk in and then walk back out.

Was there a lot of difference in the halftime meeting where we were ahead against the Eagles, as compared to the Giants where we were behind?

Nate Stupar: Every half time seems the same. We go over X's and O's and then get a quick talk from our position coach and Coach Quinn, then we head on back out. The speech might be different slightly but not much really changes whether we are winning or losing. We are always trying to be the best out there on the field to win the game.

It seemed the defense put in a big package (you, Jackson, Beirman, etc) to stop the Giants run. Was that part of the game plan or did the coaches adjust to the flow of the game?

Nate Stupar: There wasn't any magical thing we did for the Giants game. It just happened to be my first NFL start on defense as a Sam. It was a fun game to be a part of. We pride ourselves on the run game and will continue to do so. I was very blessed and honored that they gave me the opportunity to show my stuff out there.

What are your favorite and least favorite nicknames you've ever been called?

Nate Stupar: My favorite nicknames are probably Stups, StupLyfe, Stupaloop. Other than that not many. The worst nickname would probably have to be 'Nate the Snake'. I have no idea what it means or what the person meant by it. Only one person ever called me that and it was funny every time he did. My teammates would just look with a baffled look at their face. The coach must have liked 'his' nickname.