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Atlanta Falcons favored by one source for first time in 2015 against Dallas Cowboys

Never tell me the odds, except when they favor Atlanta.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons have been underdogs twice and have gone 2-0. People are starting to notice that this team might not suck.

That's reflected in this week's line, which features the Falcons as a two point favorite from Bovada, and even everywhere else. Would that line stand if the Cowboys had Tony Romo and Dez Bryant healthy? I doubt it, given that Atlanta is on the road, but we're not really dealing with hypotheticals here. Dallas has to play the injury-riddled hand they've been dealt, and that obviously benefits the Falcons.

While I'm predicting an eight point victory for the Falcons, I won't be at all surprised if it's closer than that, given that the Falcons are  built to win close games and the Cowboys will be airing it out and may catch a break or two along the way. But I do expect this team to emerge triumphant, and hopefully they will.

If you like the Falcons being listed as the underdog, you may be grimacing soon. A 3-0 start with the relatively favorable schedule to come means Vegas is probably going to be bullish on this team going forward, so with a couple of notable exceptions like the Panthers, Colts, and Packers, you can't expect them to be disrespected often in 2015. A loss here might change that, of course.

Do you have the Falcons winning, and what do you think of their odds?