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Jonathan Babineaux on Atlanta's defensive scheme

Defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux appears to be a great fit for Atlanta's new defensive scheme.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

This new defensive scheme the Falcons are employing under Dan Quinn's leadership seems like it's generally a good fit for everyone. Where Mike Nolan's scheme was complex, with players having to think through several different elements of each play, the new scheme is simple. It frees the defense up to just run and hit and attack the ball.

We've seen a difference on the field, too. The Falcons are currently ninth in the league for rushing yards allowed per game with 80, as compared to 21st last season with 118. While we're not seeing a ton of sacks, we are seeing this Falcons team disrupt opposing quarterbacks. We've also seen players used in ways that suit their strengths -- for example, returning Jonathan Babineaux to his natural three-tech role.

I asked Babineaux what the biggest difference has been in transitioning from the previous scheme to this one, and Babs said it's a pretty significant change.

"The biggest difference is we're basically a get-off team," Babs said. "The last two years we'd been two-gapping and not so much of a get-off team and penetrating, but able to sustain blocks at the line and try to make plays at the line. But this defense allows everybody to make the play — not just a certain group of guys, but it allows everybody that's out there on the field to make plays."

Babineaux has been dynamic working out of the three-tech spot, and the simpler, faster scheme certainly appears to be a great fit for him.

Your thoughts on Babs and his role in the defense?