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Report: Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White isn't bothered by statistically insignificant game against NY Giants

Fact: Roddy White does an excellent moose impression

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Fantasy football doesn't have any real world significance. That said, Roddy's zero catch Sunday probably surprised a few fantasy football nerds. Seeing zero in the points column next to his name is unexpected to say the least. When Roddy plays, he's normally involved in the game. He may have lost a step or two, but his ability to gain separation over the middle or convert third downs is second to few. That's why it's easy to assume he was somehow negated by the Giants secondary.

Per Vaughn McClure, Roddy isn't worried about it. In his own words, he's "moved past it." Credit to McClure for the quote.

Did the Giants do anything special to take him out of the game?

"Nothing," White said. "I was open. Just didn't get the ball. We're 2-0 [so there is nothing] really to say. I just didn't catch a pass. I have moved past it.''

I'm absolutely with Roddy on this one. The Falcons won that game. It doesn't matter how they won it. It only matters that they played an exciting game and are now 2-0 with two very winnable games on the horizon. Roddy has earned his stripes in this league, and he's got nothing left to prove to anyone. At this point, he's only looking to help the team win. The winning is what's important, not the personal accolades.

Atta boy, Roddy. Atta boy.