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Dan Quinn Press Conference: Tevin Coleman, Paul Worrilow injury updates

Falcons head coach Dan Quinn spoke to the media about Tevin Coleman and Paul Worrilow's injuries and the team's performance in Sunday's win over the Giants.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Quinn addressed the media today to discuss the Falcons' performance in Sunday's win over the Giants, and he also provided an injury update on Tevin Coleman and Paul Worrilow.

Reports are circulating that Coleman has a broken rib and will miss "a couple of weeks." Quinn did confirm that Coleman's rib is fractured, but said the team will hold Coleman out of practice on Wednesday and Thursday and then assess his status on Friday. Quinn said the decision on whether or not Coleman can get back on the field will be primarily based on his pain tolerance.

"It's not something that's displaced or out of whack, so we're not going to put a timetable on it until we know how he's responding to it," Quinn said. "And then as we get later in the week, then we can put more of a timetable on it."

Paul Worrilow has what Quinn termed "a bad bruise" on his calf, and the hope is that Worrilow will be able to practice in a limited fashion on Wednesday.

Worrilow did return to the game after suffering the injury, and it doesn't sound like it will sideline him.

"It looked like [Worrilow] was already improving today, so I'm sure he'll be limited at some point as we start into the week," Quinn said.

The team had already been in the film room today correcting issues from yesterday. Quinn was not satisfied with the coverage yesterday.

"Well, I certainly wasn't satisfied with the results. I'll make that part clear," Quinn said. "I thought Odell had a terrific game, and some of the time that we play our three-deep, we have underneath help, and so for all the catches that went to his side, in our system, where we play — where we have underneath players as well, they're a huge part of how we play our style. So to say it was on one guy for every catch would be inaccurate in this case."

Quinn did say that the team had decided to feature more zone coverage in yesterday's game plan, and there may be times in the future where they opt to shift to more man coverage.

Another area where Quinn would like to see the defense improve is the missed tackles.

"I think we ended up with nine or it might have been ten missed tackles, but honestly, three of them were on third downs, so where drives could have been stopped right there on three of the third downs — such a critical part of it," Quinn said.

He'd prefer to see his team missing just three, four or five missed tackles per game, and he'd like to avoid those third down misses in particular.

"It's one that we're going to keep working at," Quinn said. "Each week we're just trying to be better fundamentally than we were the week before."

Quinn also wasn't thrilled with the third quarter start, noting that the Giants were able to pretty much march down the field and score out of the gate. Quinn credited Kroy Biermann's sack/forced fumble with changing the momentum.

"I think Kroy Biermann was the one who kind of lit it up again to say, okay, we've got the ball back," Quinn said. "Going in and kicking another one, it would have been really hard after that. And then the guys came down, and I think it was a 12-play drive after that sack/forced fumble, so I think that was the thing that kind of set it off for us. But that was a hard start of that third quarter for us, for sure."

Quinn isn't satisfied with where this team is currently, and he sees need for improvement on both sides of the ball.

Offensively, and it's a little tricker with the status of the first-string running back uncertain, Quinn says that establishing the run game will create more opportunities for explosive offensive plays. Defensively, Quinn would like to see improved tackling and affecting the opposing quarterback.

"Defensively, we're still working through it, how many ways can we affect the quarterback, and so we're not where we're going to be yet in that area," Quinn said. "The hits have come over the past couple of weeks, but when we play three deep and zones and man-to-man, we've got to affect the quarterback."

Your thoughts on Quinn's comments?