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Atlanta Falcons vs. New York Giants post-game injury report: Down goes Coleman

Fact: Tevin Coleman is so fast, federal regulations require the Falcons to install a governor on his cleats

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Damn it feels good to be 2-0, doesn't it? Sure, this team isn't perfect. And sure, there are still 14 games to play before the playoffs begin. But now is the time to book your Super Bowl accommodations revel in the possibilities.

All that said, the injury bug was an active participant in today's exciting victory. The Atlanta Falcons may have won the game, but they unfortunately got banged up in the process. Let's break down the injuries, shall we?

The biggest injury today was to rookie running back Tevin Coleman. Coleman was carted off the field in the first half with what is apparently a rib injury. It's unfortunate timing because his first career touchdown put the Falcons ahead 7-0 in the first quarter. The Falcons remained very quiet about Coleman's status after the game, with both Dan Quinn and Coleman himself saying nothing about it after the game. For what it's worth, Devonta Freeman carried the load admirably in Coleman's absence. Also, remember that Coleman broke his toe last season and played half his games with that injury. He's a tough kid with a history of playing while hurt.

Paul Worrilow injured his right calf in the first half. He was questionable to return, notwithstanding his efforts to walk it off on the sideline. Worrilow has always had the heart; now his physical ability and football IQ are catching up. Let's hope he can shake it off before next Sunday, because as defensive quarterbacks go, he's the bee's knees.

You may have thought Ricardo Allen was injured in the second half. He was "cramping," but he wasn't unable to play. Robenson Therezie stepped in for him for about a series. It appears Allen was actually benched, not injured, per Vaughn McClure. He obviously finished the game, and it looks like the coaches were just trying to calm him down after a bad play.

The first injury report comes out Wednesday. And as always, we will bring you updates throughout the week. For now, let's discuss these injuries and their impact on the week ahead.