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Falcons vs. Giants 2015: The importance of Shane Vereen and more from Big Blue View

Five questions and intriguing answers from Big Blue View, SB Nation's New York Giants blog.

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Here's five questions and thoughtful Giants answers with Edward Valentine, the longtime editor of Big Blue View. Enjoy them!

Dave Choate: That's a heartbreaking way to start your season. Based on that one game and what you saw from preseason, what are the strengths and weaknesses of this Giants team?

Edward Valentine: The strength of this team should be its offense. That didn't pan out Sunday night, but with Eli Manning, Odell Beckham, some good running backs and an offensive that appears to be coming together the offense should be able to score points.

The weakness is the unproven defense. They defended the run well and created three turnovers against Dallas, but the pass rush has a lot to prove without Jason Pierre-Paul.

Dave Choate: The Eagles found success on wheel routes and short passes over the middle, especially to Darren Sproles. Do you expect the Giants to copy that blueprint with Shane Vereen, and who else (besides ODB Jr.) should we be looking out for in the passing game?

Edward Valentine: Without a doubt. I was surprised Sunday that the Giants didn't use Vereen more than they did. I don't think they will make that mistake again. As far as who else to watch, I don't think you'll be watching much of Preston Parker. He dropped three passes Sunday, and I'd expect Dwayne Harris to move into the slot in his place.

Dave Choate: Without Jason Pierre-Paul, who should the Falcons fear in terms of a pass rush? The Eagles didn't manage to bring much heat, but the surest way to slow down that high-flying Atlanta passing attack is getting after Matt Ryan.

Edward Valentine: Who should they fear? Well, based on the Dallas game no one. That said, I think the pass rush will get better. Devon Kennard is the most explosive player in the front seven. He's an outside linebacker, but you might see him with his hand in the ground as a DE in long yardage. Damontre Moore is a guy the Giants keep wating for. I would really watch out for Steve Spagnuolo to begin to get really creative in trying to "scheme" some pass rush.

Dave Choate: Generally speaking, I'm not as familiar with this roster as I once was. If you wouldn't mind giving us a cheat sheet, who are the big names to know on each side of the ball that may have flown under the radar for Falcons fans?

Edward Valentine: On offense, I think what you really want to watch is the left side of the Giants offensive line. 2015 first-round pick Ereck Flowers is at left tackle, 2013 first-round pick Justin Pugh is at left guard and 2014 second-round pick Weston Richburg is at center. It's a group worth getting excited about.

On defense, watch what happens at middle linebacker. Jon Beason (of course) missed Sunday's game and undrafted rookie Uani 'Unga played his first NFL game. Now, 'Unga is limited with a knee issue. I have no idea what happens there. It could be Jasper Brinkley, just signed last week.

Dave Choate: What are your expectations for this game, as well as the Falcons season?

Edward Valentine: I'll answer the expectations for this game part of that. I think it's a watershed game for the Giants after Sunday's debacle in Dallas. It will tell us a lot about whether or not the Giants have a chance to be good this year.

I actually expect the Giants to be charged up and to play really well. If Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin have a strength it is dealing with adversity and not letting the negative things linger. So, I expect the Giants to be emotional, and I expect that they play well.