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Fantasy football picks for Week 2: Falcons to play against the Giants

Woo fantasy football woo.

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We're on to the Giants, he muttered from his hooded sweatshirt. The Falcons capped off Week 1 with a win, but there's 15 more games to go, and I doubt anyone at Flowery Branch is taking the Giants lightly.

For fantasy players, the Giants game present an opportunity, because the New York defense isn't intimidating enough to truly shut down the Falcons' array of playmakers.

Here's a guide to who to play and who to sit this week against New York.


Julio Jones

Sure, he has a hamstring injury. He's also Julio Jones, who reeled in nine catches for 141 yards and two touchdowns against the Eagles just last week. Even if he's at 90%, you want him in your lineup, and I'd expect 7-10 catches for 100-plus yards, easy.

Roddy White

Leonard Hankerson will be more involved in the offense most weeks, but I definitely misjudged Roddy's value last week. With Julio eating opposite him, White is a fine WR3/flex play who should be able to scoop up 70-plus yards against so-so defenses. It's just a question of how often he scores.

Matt Ryan

Ryan still seems to be adjusting to this offense, and most of his poor throws on Monday night looked like they were caused by timing issues. He may not be a truly spectacular fantasy option until he gets Shanahan's offense mastered, but he put up nice numbers Monday night even so. Given that the Giants boast a worse defense than the Eagles across the board (except for cornerback), I'm expecting Ryan to put up quality number, borderline QB1 numbers.

Tevin Coleman

I'm sold! The question with Coleman is whether he'll score, which probably limits him to RB3/flex appeal for this week, but I'd get him in your lineup if you have him. I think he could very easily pop off for another 80 yards or more this week, making him a nice play.


The Defense

The defense has improved by leaps and bounds, and there will be times this year that they might actually be a recommended play. Eli Manning and the Giants' passing attack should put up a decent day, though, and I need to see a couple more games against quality offenses before I heartily endorse the unit. Go with someone else this week.

Devonta Freeman

He's likely to be the more active back in the passing game, and I don't think you'll see him average under two yards per carry very often this year. Still, Coleman is the anticipated lead back, and his explosiveness gives him more upside. Leave Freeman on your bench another week.

Leonard Hankerson

I'll eat some crow regarding Hank Time, who I thought might break out in Week 1. With Roddy doing well and Hankerson serving as a small factor in the passing game, leave him parked for this week and take the same wait-and-see approach I'm recommending with Freeman.

Jacob Tamme

I'm positive Tamme will have some value this year, but he was virtually a non-factor in the passing game Monday night, and Levine Toilolo remains the better red zone target due to his height and improvement this season. Don't bother unless you're desperate at tight end.