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Nate Stupar talks Falcons win in Week 1, energy in the Georgia Dome

Answering your mailbag questions, linebacker and special teams ace Nate Stupar

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Nate Stupar returns to answer your Falcons-centric mailbag questions, and he's got some great answers after the first week of the season. Find 'em below.

Question: How did Monday's win over the Eagles effect the teams mindset? Was there a feeling of overcoming an obstacle or just another day on the job?

Nate Stupar: The win over the Eagles was pretty awesome, but it didn't affect us in any way. We celebrated and moved on to the next opponent. It's a quick turn around. The win just justifies what we're doing works and that in itself makes us believe even more in the process. Coach Quinn is doing a remarkable job at keeping us focused in trusting the process.

Question: Nate, what are you doing to actively get better and put the team in the best position to win, week in and week out?

Nate Stupar: Every week I watch film and study my opponent trying to figure out ways to attack him. Finding out their strengths and weaknesses. When you know a player, you can figure out what they do at certain times. Once you start to be able to know what they are going to do, its easier to attack them. So each week of studying is a huge help for me placing myself and the team in becoming successful on special teams. Also working my skills in the practices we do helps a lot too. I don't think there's ever a situation we are not competing. Even during special team periods we compete our butts off on becoming even better, striving for something great.

Question: Did you special teamers do anything special for hits like Weems had on Seyi Ajirotutu on the waved off return? How does that not scare the other team?

Nate Stupar: To be honest, we didn't do anything for Weems after his hit. I didn't even know what happened until I watched film, I was too busy blocking my guy that I didn't even see it. I asked him what happened on the sideline and he said he jacked the dude up. In my mind I thought one of the Eagles had a big hit on him and made the tackle. I'm obviously glad it turned out to be his story. Weems is a huge competitor and that won't be the only play you see like that from him. I'm excited to line up with him and can't wait to see what else he has enstored for the season.

Question: As players, did the energy in the GA Dome on Monday feel different than last season?

Nate Stupar: I do believe the energy in the GA Dome was different from last season. I mean it was a Monday night NFL game, how can you not get pumped for it? It was the Falcons vs. Eagles. An ultimate matchup of skills. Eagles were 1st overall in special teams and we were ranked 2nd! The special teams was a huge game in itself. The Eagles have a great unit and we both competed hard. It was fun testing our skills against another great opponent.

Question: What is your game day routine?

Nate Stupar: I really don't have a huge game day routine. We've had all night games so far, so there is a lot of waiting. Sometimes I take a nap after meals and meetings to get some extra rest, but if I don't I do some light foam rolling and stretching. After we leave for the stadium, I get in the hot tub, if the opponent has one, then just start getting ready for the game. I listen to my music and start to get my mind right. I try to get it in a place that lets me play at the high intensity that I do.