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Post-game injury report: Atlanta Falcons emerge from victory relatively unscathed

Fact: Julio Jones has a measurable effect on Earth's gravitational pull

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

It's a good day any time the Atlanta Falcons win a football game. That said, wins are occasionally tempered by injuries. But lucky us, because the Falcons emerged from their victory over the Philadelphia Eagles relatively unscathed. Let's break it down.

Both Julio Jones and Roddy White exited at various points in the fourth quarter. Julio looked a little banged up at one point, walking slowly off the field. Roddy gave us a similar scare, getting tended to by the trainers. Both men came back in the game, fighting through whatever ailed them. Ideally there's nothing to be concerned about here. Last night's game was very telling in that it highlighted just how much we depend on these two men. Absent their contributions, the offense is much shakier.

William Moore was replaced in the third quarter by Kemal Ishmael. He did eventually return. Again, there's nothing indicating he will be limited going forward, but it's certainly worth keeping an eye on. The Falcons will put out their official injury report tomorrow. White will likely be on that list, just like he was this past week, with a "probable" designation.

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