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NFL power rankings, Week 1: Falcons rising up

Baby steps with the power ranking folks, people.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't pretty, but it was impressive. That's the NFL power rankings consensus about the Falcons' Week 1 win, which saw them rise in power rankings across the land. Because I'm a platform homer, whatever that means, I'm going to focus in on SB Nation's rankings.

Falcons #17: The Eagles started very slow and allowed the Falcons to get a big lead before charging back into the game. Ultimately, it wasn't enough, and they dropped a tough one on the road.

I thought the Falcons were ranked criminally low at #21 on the first round of preseason power rankings, but I understood the skepticism. Gaining just four spots after that win does seem eminently fair to me, given that it was A) close and B) full of hiccups, but I feel like the Eagles were widely accepted as a potential Super Bowl team heading into the year, and maybe this win should count for a little bit more. I'm nitpicking after one week, though, and I understand the urge not to overreact.

If the Falcons can follow up this game with a strong performance, and then another, and then another, we might just see them get their due before the year is out. Let us hope they're #1 by February.

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