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Falcons-Eagles Live Thread with Live Commentary

Caleb Rutherford is joined this week by Falcoholic reader Kevin Knight for live play-by-play commentary on Falcons-Eagles!

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Falcons fam, you probably recognize the name Kevin Knight from the blog. He's been selected to help me with the live broadcast tonight. Join me in wishing him a big Falcoholic welcome!

As usual we'll have no crowd noise behind us. I am happy to report that Jeanna is helping me figure out the rules behind whether or not I can get crowd noise, but it won't be resolved tonight.

In any case, if you want to listen in to my rendition of the broadcast, click this juicy red text.

I encourage you to tweet questions to me on twitter (@FalcoholicZippo) or tweet using the hashtag #FalcoholicLive to talk about the game. I'll be looking up your tweets throughout the game because again, I've gotta fill time and I need your help to leave as little dead air as possible. You can also leave comments on the broadcast page itself, which I'll be checking throughout the evening.

Since this is a live thread, I'll be less likely to look for things here. It's not that I don't like you all, but I've gotta fill airtime, and searching for questions isn't filling dead air. I have to make this as easy and fast as possible.

Let's make this awesome together! Hope you'll join us!