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NFL Week 1 Sunday discussion: the glorious return of football

Football is back!

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Hold on. The Atlanta Falcons do not play until tomorrow. Considering the state of the offensive line, it may not be all bad.

Now that we have the open thread machine running in mid-season form, let us know what games you are watching. The early games leave a lot to be desired: Cleveland at the Jets; Carolina at Jacksonville; and Miami at Washington.

Yikes. Green Bay at Chicago for the early game and New Orleans at Arizona for the afternoon game may be the best bet for today.

If you missed it, the Falcoholic has you covered for just about everything related to the Atlanta game tomorrow night: where to watch the game; a history of the Eagles rivalry; a look at which Eagles players would look good in Atlanta; the latest on injuries; Arthur Blank's expectations for the team; and our newest writer looks at how Atlanta will try to slow down the Eagles offense.

The open thread is yours!