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Predict the final scores of Falcons vs. Eagles, a potential Monday Night Football shootout

It's time you put your predictin' hats on, boys and girls.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons aren't favorites to beat the Philadelphia Eagles, but they're not being dismissed, either. With Vegas projecting the highest projected point total for this game, many are expecting a shootout.

Heck, I expect one too. That makes the challenge of predicting the final score of this game a little more interesting, because we can say with reasonable confidence that this one isn't going to come down to the two defenses. Instead, you're left wondering how high the score might go, and whether the Falcons can achieve competence on D and the Eagles can look as aggressive and talented as they did a year ago in stopping Atlanta. My guess is that you'll see a wild one, and my best prediction is a 31-27 triumph for the Falcons. Eagles fans have accused me of underestimating the offense with that score, which may be fair.

As always, share your prediction with us in the comments, use The Crowd's Line to record it for posterity, and then brag about it Tuesday morning if you happen to nail your guess. It's the American way.