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If you could acquire an Eagles player by any means necessary, who would you choose?

Steal an Eagles player and add him to the Falcons roster, please.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

We're gearing up for Monday! Night! Football!, which will feature the Atlanta Falcons graciously hosting the Philadelphia Eagles and hopefully metaphorically pounding them into a jelly on national television. That doesn't mean we can't marvel at the roster Chip Kelly has constructed, however.

Honestly, I have no idea how good the Eagles will be in 2015, and neither do you. But this is a high-flying offense paired with an opportunistic defense, and if everything breaks right, this team can go a very long way. That means there are some talented players on the roster, and today I'm asking you to take one and add him to the Falcons' roster. Only one, though, and it can't be Tebow, despite the fact that our photo editor has approximately 100 times the number of photos of Tebow than any other Eagle.

There are tempting candidates here. DeMarco Murray had a scary workload a season ago, but he's one of the league's better backs. Jordan Matthews had a huge rookie season and would be an impossibly potent receiver in this Falcons offense, which already has Julio Jones, Leonard Hankerson, Roddy White, and promising rookie Justin Hardy. There's promising linebacker Kiko Alonso, perennial breakout candidate and tight end Zach Ertz, and though he hasn't done much just yet, I like former Louisville linebacker Marcus Smith. Fletcher Cox has become borderline dominant up front, as well.

As crazy as it probably sounds, I love Matthews and the state of the passing game with Matthews enough that I'd probably go with him. Your pick may vary, of course, so share it with us.