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Previewing Falcons vs. Eagles and breaking down the roster with the FalcFans podcast

The Falcoholic podcast crew discuss the roster, the Eagles, and more heading into Week 1.

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We're closing the book on roster discussions (for now) and looking ahead to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Falcons' Week 1 opponent on Monday Night Football. The FalcFans/Falcoholic podcast is here to discuss both.

Join Aaron Freeman and Allen Strk as they take you through some of the twists and turns of Dan Quinn's roster construction, including the Joe Hawley cut and the Antone Smith axing, and dive in on the team's cap situation with special guest and cap guru Chad Walton. The team then turns their focus to a formidable Eagles team,  how Julio Jones will fare against the team's secondary, and who to look out for from the Philadelphia offense.

As a bonus, hear the two tuck in to Thomas Dimitroff's draft legacy, which has gone from decently reputable to widely scorned in a matter of a couple of years. Rightfully so, sadly.

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