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Falcons vs. Dolphins 2015: Re-living the game with the FalcFans/Falcoholic crew

Re-living a game many won't to, but at least it's one packed with valuable lessons for the Falcons.

andrewInnerarity-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons-Dolphins game was hard to watch at times, but there were a lot of lessons to take away, even outside of "this offensive line must improve, by golly!"

Join Aaron Freeman of FalcFans fame and Falcoholic writer Allen Strk and re-live the entire game with their live commentary. You'll get their thoughts on the offense (not encouraging), the defense (very encouraging), and standout players through the evening, as well as in-game thoughts on the team's direction. It's a highly recommended listen for anyone who wants to either re-live the game or learn something from it they didn't the first whirlwind time through. With more roster cuts looming, it'll pay to remember who did what last Saturday night.

The duo will be on hiatus this week, but will return for live commentary during the season, plus the in-depth Falcons podcast you've come to know and love.

Click here to listen to the commentary

Click here for the stream