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Falcons C Joe Hawley "100% confident" he will be ready for week one

Many have been wondering if Hawley is injured or still working his way back from last year's season-ending knee injury. He does not sound worried.

The Falcoholic had no comment when asked if they write about Joe Hawley just for the beard pictures.
The Falcoholic had no comment when asked if they write about Joe Hawley just for the beard pictures.
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Joe Hawley spoke to the media a few days after the Falcons offensive line was manhandled by the Miami Dolphins. He did not fight anyone during the media session, but you know Brawley probably thought about it.

Obviously, someone asked about the offensive line being dismantled, stripped for parts, listed on eBay, and shipped overseas by the Dolphins defensive line.

That's one of the best defensive fronts in all of football. They have really good individual players, and they are a solid defense all together. It was a good test. Obviously, we need to do a lot of things better, but having a test like that gives us an idea for where we are at.

Hawley, through his beard, did not sound overly worried. It is, after all, just preseason.

They have to see who can play. Who can't play. That is what training camp is all about. It is still the preseason, so they are trying to get guys reps, and see what they are all about.

Now the biggest question for Hawley his troublesome knee. A lot of offensive line stability likely rests upon that knee.

Honestly, this last game [my knee] starting feeling back to normal. It's a process, and I'm ready to go. It is strong, it is stable, with a little of soreness. Hopefully it gets better as the year goes on.

Does he think he can contribute week one?

100% confident. When week comes around, it is for real, and I'm going to push through anything to be out there with my brothers.

Assuming he does not suffer any setbacks, Hawley sounds confident that he should be playing in week one, and hopefully starting.