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Falcons waive lineman Peter Konz with injury settlement

It's the end of the line for Konz in Atlanta, and it's not the way anyone hoped it would end.

Richard Dole-USA TODAY Sports

Peter Konz has had a tumultuous career in Atlanta, to put it mildly, but we have reached the final chapter.

Konz has gone from exciting center prospect to draft bust in a relatively short time. The Falcons selected him out of Wisconsin back in 2012, but ineffectiveness drove him to the bench within short order. Last year, he got the opportunity to step in and prove he belonged with the starters, but an unfortunate injury ended that for him. Now, with a new coaching staff in place and Konz struggling with injury again, the Falcons have made the logical move. Instead of drafting the long-term replacement for Todd McClure, as many of us had hoped, they reached an injury settlement and will move forward with new options on the interior. It's mighty depressing.

Konz is the poster boy for those who argue that Thomas Dimitroff's draft history with the Falcons has been underwhelming. While I believe Dimitroff has been a mixed bag overall, the Konz selection turned out to be indefensible even in a weak year for the center class, and unless the team extends Joe Hawley this year, they still don't have an apparent long-term solution on the roster.

With Konz heading being waived, the Falcons now have Joe Hawley, Chris Chester, James Stone, Jon Asamoah, Mike Person, Adam Replogle, and Jared Smith on the interior. It's a decent bet the team will be shopping for another guard and/or center if there are any decent players that hit waivers, especially if the team decides to ship Jon Asamoah out. Stay tuned for more on that.

We wish Konz well, wherever he may end up. The Falcons are now down to a 75 man roster, just minutes before the deadline to do so.