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HOF game open thread: Football is finally (sort of) back

After months and months of waiting, NFL football is finally back.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It has been six loooooooooong months since without any football. Today, that all changes.

Sort of.

The Hall of Fame game is one of the most storied, and consistently disappointing games out of the entire year. This game is indeed football, and it has been so long since I've seen a game, this is almost required viewing. But it is so early in the preseason that you are unlikely to see any player you have heard of.

Tonight it basically arena league football with NFL coaches. Hooray!

However, tonight marks the start of about six months straight of NFL football. Six months. It also marks the start of this wonderful open thread.

How do you feel about football finally starting? What are you watching for in tonight's Minnesota Vikings v. Pittsburgh Steelers game? How long will you be able to watch this terrible game, starting at 8PM tonight on NBC?