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Julio Jones is "lining up in every spot"

It seems each offensive coordinator uses Julio a bit more up to his potential.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

We like writing about Julio Jones. Jones finished up with nearly 1,600 receiving yards last year. He is coming off a rare healthy offseason. He said he has dropped weight, and added "another gear." Things are looking good.

Despite having a truly dominant season, the new coaching staff is looking for more ways to get Julio the ball.

While Mike Mularkey criminally misused Julio as a deep threat, Dirk Koetter was able to open up the pass game and plugged Julio along the left side of the formation. He has typically played against the opposing teams' top corners, and as we have seen, he has done pretty well.

However, Kyle Shanahan has experience helping receivers produce by looking for favorable matchups. Jones may have even more receiving yards in 2015, as he feasts on smaller and slower corners on the right side and in the slot.

The Falcons offense is primed to become an even bigger factor this season.