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Falcons Training Camp 2015: We answer your burning questions

Do you have questions about what's happened throughout Atlanta's training camp thus far? We've got plenty of answers.

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We're a week into Falcons training camp, and we're learning a great deal about how the team is shaping up for the coming season. Since the team's schedule is a little different today, with no morning practice and Friday Night Lights coming up this evening at Buford High School in Buford, Georgia, it was a good opportunity to address some of the Falcons questions fans have about training camp thus far.

I'm really impressed with Ward so far. He's got a different skill set than Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman, and he's a pretty complete back. He's a solid blocker, a strong runner, and a decent receiver. Eager to see what he does in preseason.

Baby falcons are called eyasses, and they come from eggs.

Grady Jarrett looks good. He's gotten up to speed pretty effectively. His height is an issue in some ways, but I think he'll be able to contribute on special teams this year. He definitely fits Dan Quinn's "fast and physical" ideal.

Saints fan, ladies and gentlemen. (He's actually a friend of mine, so don't be too hard on him.)

It's like night and day. Jacob Tamme and Tony Moeaki, if they both stay healthy, are looking like really solid additions to this roster. Tamme in particular has really impressed me throughout OTAs and training camp thus far. Levine Toilolo has demonstrated real improvement in terms of his blocking and receiving. This was definitely a position of need, and so far it looks like the team has addressed that need really effectively.

I am currently not wearing makeup, but my only coworkers are the guys I write with here at The Falcoholic, and they don't actually live at my house, so none of them can see me at the moment. We're all really good friends, so I wouldn't really care either way. This wasn't really a training camp or Falcons question, haha.

Technically, yes.

My biggest concern heading into preseason is definitely the offensive line. I'm a little troubled by the fact that the coaching staff still seems to be trying to settle on the starting five, and this transition to a whole new scheme is a huge adjustment. With the lineup seemingly in constant flux, it's hard for these guys to develop any kind of cohesion and chemistry, and they really need that heading into the season. I like a lot of what I'm seeing from the offensive line in practices in general, but they're still my biggest concern at present.

I'll just refer you to my answer above for the first part of this question. Dan Quinn has said that the team seriously considers any available player in the context of team needs and how they think a specific guy might help the Falcons win. I do think it's possible the team would jump for some camp casualties to shore up the roster when we get to that point.

I personally think the team will use Beasley primarily on passing downs, but I could be wrong. Really looking forward to seeing what he does during preseason action.


Yeah, the team has worked on these short yardage situations quite a bit in practice, and I do think they'll be able to run the ball pretty effectively. Balancing out the offense a bit is going to be so great for the offense overall.

I mean, it's not ideal. Hamstring injuries take time to heal, and if they rush these guys back, they risk exacerbating the issue. As far as long-term impact, I don't think fans need to panic.

I hate to even say this, because I can anticipate the reaction, but second rounder Jalen Collins is struggling a bit. There are several caveats here. First, he's going up against incredible talent at receiver. That's only going to help him develop, and quickly. Second, Collins did miss part of OTAs due to a foot injury, and I think that's put him just a bit behind in terms of his development. Third, we knew Collins was raw and was going to be a project, so I don't think any of this is particularly unexpected. Desmond Trufant missed part of OTAs his rookie season and where Collins is in terms of adjusting to the speed of the game reminds me quite a bit of Trufant at this point of his rookie year. Look at Trufant now.

In no particular order, Vic Beasley, Adrian Clayborn, Phillip Adams, Leonard Hankerson, and Jacob Tamme.

I'll refer you to my answer about Terron Ward above, but I'm really impressed with him. Adrian Clayborn is absolutely that fast off the ball. If he stays healthy, he's going to really have an impact this season. I do think the new talent and the simplified scheme are going to improve the pass rush, which is great, because the team basically hasn't had any pass rush for years.

I answered the standout players question above, also, and I will be at Friday Night Lights. I always look forward to it. It should be a lot of fun. I hope you have a great day, too, Brandon.

I don't think the team is particularly concerned at this point. They've seen enough from Devonta and Coleman that not having them on the field as they recover from their respective hamstring injuries really just gives the coaching staff the opportunity to more closely evaluate Antone Smith, Terron Ward and Jerome Smith. Freeman and Coleman should definitely be ready for the regular season.

I do, actually. It'll be interesting to see how he manages the communication and what his range is like in preseason action, but so far I've been really impressed with his adjustment to the position.

Aaron, can you please just not?

I think people mispronounce his name a lot, so he'd probably be fine with it.

Ask your training camp questions in the comments, and look for our coverage of Friday Night Lights this evening.