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Falcons vs. Dolphins: Taking a look at Pro Football Focus scores

There was some bad, some really bad and some pretty darn good.

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If you walked away from the Dolphins game thinking that it was a mixed bag, then the scores from PFF will make perfect sense to you. Those with the sentiment that the offensive line stunk while the defense played well will find their evidence here. Let's take a look at how some of the scores played out. As always, if you want to take a deeper look at these scores, head over to Pro Football Focus.


There weren't many Falcons who registered strong positive scores on the offensive side of the ball. The only noteworthy positive scores were Pierce Burton at RT (+2.4), Tyler Polumbus at LT (+1.7) and Carlton Mitchell at WR (+1.1).

However, once one looks at the scores in red, you may be inclined to burst into tears. Our most awful performance of the night belongs to Ryan Schraeder, whose -5.8 score (-2.0 pass blocking, -3.9 run blocking) was nearly a full point "ahead" of anyone else.

Other names of note: James Stone at LG (-3.8), TJ Yates (-3.8), Joe Hawley (-2.0), Matt Ryan (-1.9) and Jerome Smith (-1.8).


Unlike the offense, the defense put up quite a few positive scores, with a few players really jumping out with very strong performances. The first name will sound familiar, because he was one of the highest scorers last week: Adrian Clayborn. Clayborn put up a ridiculous +3.6, which was driven by his outstanding +4.3 pass rush grade. Clayborn has been a revelation the last couple of weeks and if he can keep this up, he'll be an absolute monster for this defense during the season. Another free agent also recorded a very strong score - O'Brien Schofield put up a +3.3 on the evening.

On the flip side, there were only a few players who registered scores in the red. Kemal Ishmael's -1.5 will make fans yearn for William Moore to return, while Malliciah Goodman (-1.1) and Kevin White (-1.1) didn't help their cases for additional playing time.

Other names of note: Joey Mbu (+2.5), Paul Worrilow (+2.0), Phillip Adams (+1.2), Tyler Starr (+1.1), Vic Beasley (+0.9).

Special Teams

Notable scores: Matt Bryant (+∞), Kemal Ishmael (+1.5), Allen Bradford (+1.0), Robenson Therezie (-1.5)

What are your thoughts on the latest set of PFF scores for the Falcons?