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NFL roster cuts 2015 dates and times: Moves ahead for the Atlanta Falcons

A reminder that roster cuts loom.

Andrew Innerarity-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons must cut a total of 23 more players, play one final preseason game, and then figure out who they want on their ten man practice squad, all in just under a week. No pressure.

Generally speaking, it's pretty easy to figure out the majority of the roster, and then there's anywhere from 5-10 spots that could go to a couple of different players. That's the case again this year, where Tyler Starr, Joplo Bartu, and Allen Bradford are mixing in at backup linebacker, the backup tackle situation is unsettled and shaky, and there are about eight receivers making cases for anywhere from five to seven roster spots.

The first batch of cuts figures to be predicted by the confluence of low snap counts and lack of pedigree, but it's the second round where the surprises could be in store, or at least a few names you know well. Look for at least a couple of familiar veterans to get the axe, and if I were a betting man, I'd say T.J. Yates, Dezmen Southward, and Peter Konz will be among them.

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Roster cut dates and times

Tuesday, September 1, 4 p.m.: Roster must be down to 75 players

Thursday, September 3: Falcons vs. Ravens, 7 p.m., Georgia Dome

Saturday, September 5, 4 p.m.: Roster must be down to 53 players

Sunday, September 6, 1 p.m.: Practice squads can be assembled