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Falcons Uniform History #92: Some guy named Lester

Big guys pop up on our list with uniform number 92.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

As we wind down our uniform history series, we get to a number that really only has two notable names that have ever worn it. While that may upset the lone Travian Robertson fan out there (you don't have to be so alone), the two noteworthy names are ones that many fans will recognize. Let's take a look at these two notable Falcons.

Chauncey Davis

This defensive end out of Florida State was drafted in the fourth round of the 2005 NFL draft by the Falcons. Chauncey would go on to play for the team for 6 years, amassing 25 games started for a total of 11 sacks and 148 tackles. He was one of the few players who was here for the Jim Mora, Petrino and Mike Smith eras. He was finally released in 2011 and would play one more season with Chicago before exiting the league.

Lester Archambeau

With all due respect to Chauncey, Lester is clearly the best to have worn 92 and it's not even close. The 6'5" DE out of Stanford was drafted in the seventh round of the 1990 NFL draft by the Green Bay Packers. He would spend his first three years in Green Bay before joining the Falcons in 1993. He would go on to play for the Falcons for 7 years, starting 90 games in that time. He would finish his Falcons career with 31 sacks and 241 tackles. Though he was never a Pro-Bowl caliber player, Archambeau was a solid defensive player who put in several good years with the Falcons.

What do you think of Davis and Archambeau?