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Falcons Uniform History: We Come to #69

The last number in the 60's is home to a player you may not remember.

George Rose/Getty Images

What is it like to play a position that doesn't get a lot of press in an era when stat-keeping was rudimentary? If you're the best Falcons player ever to wear #69, your contributions are lost to time.

Lewis wasn't a truly great player, you understand, but he was a fine one who spent nine seasons as a run-stopping defensive tackle in the middle of some effective Falcons lines. Aside from a couple of seasons that saw him functioning as a reserve, Lewis was generally a durable player, and he has the distinction of being one of the few Falcons to nab more than one safety in his career.

Lewis' primary competition for #69 is the wonderfully-named Houston Hoover, a tackle and guard for Atlanta over five seasons who played well for the team in the late 80's and early 90's as a full-time starter. This isn't one of the best numbers I've seen, but there were two quality players here, and I'll call that a minor victory.