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Who will be the standout player of the Falcons' 2015 training camp? Plus live tracker

It's usually a surprise with this team.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, the Falcons boast a standout player or two from training camp who comes out of nowhere. That player doesn't always or even often deliver on the promise they show in training camp, naturally, but it's still a shining moment.

The question worth mulling is who that standout will be, and whether they'll follow the path of Bernard Reedy—who managed to hang on to a practice squad spot a year ago after opening eyes during the summer—or one of the many others who have fallen off the radar right after camp ended.

My bet is that you'll see Tevin Coleman star in camp this year. His speed has been hyped up for a reason, he seems like a nice fit for the zone blocking scheme, and there's very little contact involved in training camp to slow him down. Coleman should be ticketed for a major role in the offense this year so long as he's healthy, but I'm willing to bet that strong camp showing would (or will, if you're feeling really optimistic) get him a long look as a starter.

You've seen a couple of days of camp. Who's your pick?

Once you've decided, check the tracker below for more Falcons training camp.