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Predict the score for tonight's Falcons-Dolphins preseason game

What will be the outcome of this battle between Georgia and Florida's finest?

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons will challenge the Miami Dolphins tonight, and it's time to speculate wildly about the outcome.

As always, the final score of a preseason game matters less than how the Falcons look getting there, but with the starters playing a larger chunk of the game we're going to read a little more into the score than usual. With this game also serving as Tevin Coleman's preseason debut, there's going to be a ton worth watching, too.

Last week, most of us predicted a narrow win over the Jets, and the Jets wound up beating the Falcons without breaking much of a sweat after the first half, so we were obviously wrong there. Let's hope we can hit on these predictions in glorious fashion, and that the Falcons both impress us and walk out of SunLife Stadium with a win.

Make those predictions and join us tonight for live coverage of the game.