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Falcons vs. Dolphins: how should the Atlanta Falcons approach their third preseason game?

Fact: Dan Quinn regularly roasts chestnuts on an open fire

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons will face off against the Miami Dolphins in their third preseason game Saturday evening. It will be a real test for this team, an opportunity to face a very capable quarterback and a similarly capable defensive front. Traditionally the third preseason game is when your starters see the most time. But Dan Quinn isn't exactly traditional. He's going to do what he wants, because he can.

There are some obvious story lines going into this game. Rookie running back Tevin Coleman is making his debut. Freak of nature Julio Jones will likely see extended time. And Sean Renfree will need a miracle to stay off the practice squad. All that said, I'd advise a cautious approach. Sure, the starters need their reps. And sure, this is their last opportunity to see meaningful game action before the season begins. But the last thing we need right now is an ill-timed visit from the injury fairy. Keep the starters in for the first half and then take your foot off the gas, Quinn.

So what say you? How should the Falcons approach this game?