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Falcons Uniform History: #91 comes down to Brady Smith and Corey Peters

A close battle for the number ensues.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It's fairly rare that these uniform history posts give us a close battle for the best player ever to wear the number, but we've got one at #91.

In one corner is former Falcons defensive tackle Corey Peters, who was with the team from 2010 to 2014. A much-maligned third round pick, Peters would go on to start 55 games for the Mike Smith-helmed team, managing 11 sacks, quality run defense and seven pass deflections over that span. His lack of standout stats made him, in my humble opinion, a deeply underrated player, but he was a consistently useful player on the interior of the line. I hope he can get past his latest injury and continue his solid career after 2015, though it won't be for the Falcons.

In the other corner, we have Brady Smith. The chronically underrated defensive end spent six years in Atlanta, piling up 32 sacks, four forced fumbles, and 78 starts. He wasn't as consistent a player as Peters despite those numbers, but he was a capable pass rusher and nice complementary end.

My heart wants to say Corey Peters, because he was one of my favorite Falcons while he was here, and he remains a terrific human being and player. Even though he was a terrific player, though, Smith was a little better for a little longer, and certainly played more games as a Falcon. We hand the title of best #91 to him.

Your thoughts?