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A Big Falcoholic Commentary Announcement

Caleb Rutherford and The DW will be taking on Falcons broadcasts on Rabble TV this season!

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Falcoholic fans, friends, and everyone in between, it brings me great joy to announce that  I have the opportunity to fulfill what has been a longtime dream of mine: calling Falcons games.

HOWEVER, before you pick up your phones and call the 1-800 number below to congratulate me (it's toll free, don't worry), note that I will not be taking over for Wes and Dave on local Atlanta radio.

There's a website out there called Rabble.TV that has discovered a way to allow people to broadcast sporting events legally. The catch is that you're not allowed to use anything from the actual broadcast itself, such as the video and audio.

If you listened to Aaron and Allen's live podcast last week, they also used Rabble.TV to broadcast their rendition of the Falcons game, however theirs is a two man booth more geared to discussion. Lots of user discussion, etc., and I don't see this effort duplicating that.

What we will be doing, friends, is live commentary of the game. That's right, I will be doing play-by-play and DW will provide color commentary, straight through the internet and into your ears.

If you have (legal) access to Wes and Dave, I highly encourage you to choose them over us. Not that we'll be bad or anything, but they offer something we don't, which is natural sound (the crowd, the refs, ITTSSSS THIRRRRD DOWN etc.) and they have a bit more practice than myself.

However, if you don't have access to local Atlanta radio but do have access to the internet, and you just HATE HATE HATE the guy some national company chose to broadcast the Falcons' games, then I highly encourage you to support the blog and join us for a fun filled ride.

I'm doing this for a few reasons, one of which is to provide you with an alternative to the television audio. (Note: On SOME football games, the SAP function of your TV - or box you get your TV from, not sure - won't provide Spanish audio. It will instead provide just the nat sound of the game, no announcers. You could feasibly turn that on and then listen to us)

I'm also doing this for the people that don't have access to neither radio nor television broadcasts of the game, such as our readers, fans, and military members that are overseas. We have a very diverse group of readers and I know not all of you have access to good quality broadcasts of our games. Not only do I want to change that, I want to provide a broadcast of the quality of something you would expect from this site, which of course is top quality.

Before you chalk this up to being a big disaster, know that I have real sportscasting experience. I spent some time calling games as a student at Western Carolina University, and I also worked for the Pulaski Mariners (now the Pulaski Yankees) calling their home games last summer. They were the Advanced Rookie affiliate of the Seattle Mariners. I have plenty of practice, so plan on getting a good call that'll only get better as the season progresses.

I hope you'll join us on Rabble this season! Any questions, comments, or concerns, leave them below in the comments.