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If you could steal one Dolphins player and keep him forever, who would it be?

It's not a creepy question at all, guys.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

As is our weekly tradition, we're asking you which Dolphins player you would kidnap in the dead of the night, hustle back to Flowery Branch, and brainwash into thinking he had always been with the Atlanta Falcons. You know, easy stuff.

There are a lot of good choices on this Dolphins team. There's Ndamukong Suh, the dominant defensive tackle with the giant contract and habit of stomping on other players (helpfully, of course!); Brent Grimes, the former Falcons cornerback who still does terrific work in coverage; and of course pass rusher Cameron Wake, who is borderline dominant off the edge at times. If you're really nervous about running back, you could even go with the speedy Lamar Miller, who is a pretty productive back.

I'm picking Suh. Yeah, he's a borderline headcase that would cost a lot of money, but he's a great borderline headcase that would cost a lot of money. Your choice might be different, though, so please share yours with us in the comments.