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Falcons Uniform History: #90 is pass rushing guru Chuck Smith

Tom Hauck/Getty Images

We're down to our last ten numbers, believe it or not, and we start off the 90's with one of the better pass rushers in team history.

That'd be Chuck Smith, who passed eight productive seasons in Atlanta as one of the team's ends. His 58.5 sacks are second in team history behind John Abraham's 68.5, and he added three picks, 12 fumble recoveries, and 20 forced fumbles over that span, also serving as one of the team's most dynamic players during that 1998 Super Bowl run. In short, he was a damn good player.

Smith, of course, is now a pass rush guru who spent time working with Falcons like Adrian Clayborn this offseason, and Clayborn appears to have benefited from that training.

Other notable players to wear the uniform number include Grady Jackson, the behemoth defensive tackle who clogged the middle of the Falcons' line for three seasons, and current roster hopeful Stansly Maponga. We'll have to hope Maponga can be in the discussion next time we do one of these uniform histories.