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Report: Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank hiring CEO to oversee all his business ventures

Fact: Arthur Blank grows organic avocados in his spare time

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank is a rich man. I haven't done the math, but I'm quite sure he could purchase a small country, should he feel the need. But Blank didn't get to this point haphazardly. He's a fantastic business man, with a crazy knack for running profitable businesses.

Now nearing his mid-seventies, Blank recently decided to take a step back. He's ready to grab an ice cold mixed drink, put his feet up, and catch up on last season of The Bachelorette. It's not immediate, but it will come to fruition in the near future. Basically he's going to hire a CEO to oversee all of his businesses. That, of course, will include the Falcons. Credit to Vaughn McClure who wrote a must-read piece about the transition.

"I have a strong desire to spend more quality time with my family, which now includes four-going-on-five grandchildren, as well as to concentrate more of my time on our philanthropic endeavors," Blank said. "And while I will always be heavily involved in our business strategies, I now feel that the best role I can play in our businesses is one of founder, chairman and most senior cheerleader, spending less time on the day-to-day management oversight."

It's not entirely clear how this will affect the Falcons. Blank has obviously been a very vocal part of the Smith to Quinn transition. In fact, he's always been a notoriously involved owner, regularly making cameos on the sideline. I wouldn't expect that to change. But at this point, Blank has done more than enough to set up the Falcons for success in the immediate future. There's no guarantee Quinn can take this team to the promised land, but if for some reason he can't, it appears Blank may not directly spearhead any future hiring and firing.

Again, there's some ongoing uncertainty here. Rich McKay still hasn't been reinstated to the Competition Committee, though apparently that is in the works. Why it hasn't happened already is a subject for another day. All we can really do is sit back and observe. Knowing Blank, whether Rich McKay remains in his current position or not, the team will be left in capable hands. Your thoughts?