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The pass rush is promising and the sun is shining on the FalcFans podcast

The latest episode dives in on the newfound pass rush, Tyson Jackson, and a lot more.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

It's preseason, and there's a lot to discuss. This week's episode of the FalcFans/Falcoholic podcast breaks down the Falcons' loss to the Jets, but there's so many roster battles, injury updates and even a roster cut to discuss. editor Aaron Freeman and Falcoholic writer extraordinaire Allen Strk break down the game, talk about Adrian Clayborn's future with the team, wonder aloud about possible backup quarterback option Rex Grossman, and touch on roster battles at fullback, along the offensive line, and at wide receiver. There's also the matter of the Marquis Spruill cut to talk about.

This week's guest is Blogging Dirty editor Colin Hubbard, who joins your co-hosts and talks about the Falcons' luck with injuries thus far, the newfound pass rush, and Roddy White's janky elbow. Finally, the two co-hosts rank their top 15 safeties, and William Moore's place on that list.

If nothing else, listen in to hear Aaron defend Tyson Jackson, which is a bit like sighting a unicorn on MARTA. It's a great episode this week, so pop on those headphones and get to listening.

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